Conrad Clifton - Everything / I'll Be Your (feat. Linda Diaz)

Conrad Clifton - Everything / I'll Be Your (feat. Linda Diaz)


Fresh off The FADER premiere of Conrad Clifton’s “HUNTER GATHER-HER” single and video, he continues to bring new things to the table with this R&B/Soul gem, titled “Everything / I’ll Be Your”. The Brooklyn-based electronic artist has also announced his fourth album GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE, out June 7th.

Creative choices like changing tempo halfway through a track - or making two songs out of one - are becoming familiar staples for Conrad (i.e. “Kneel da Grass / Tight Son”), but this time he enlists the help of singer/songwriter Linda Diaz. The sultry vocalist brings a warm, silky tone to Conrad’s evolving soundscape. Part one “Everything” is a sexy downtempo love note, while part two “I’ll Be Your” is an uptempo dance vibe, oozing with confidence.

“I stumbled onto Linda’s acapella videos on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with her voice. Once I had something worthy of a collab, I hit her up. I was so excited when she agreed to work with me, because I could already tell how amazing the song would be, before she ever started writing”, says Clifton.

“I was worried that the song structure and tempo change could be overwhelming to write to, but she had fun with it, and wrote from a personal experience in her life.” Conrad continues, “I can’t believe this is only our first song together!” You’ll definitely be hearing more from this duo.

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  1. Everything / I’ll Be Your (feat. Linda Diaz)



Catalog No. INF013

Released May 17, 2019

Mixed & Mastered by Conrad Clifton

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