Conrad Clifton - Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)

Conrad Clifton - Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)


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Conrad Clifton goes back to his roots with this soulful house bop. His early material was all sample-based rap beats (flashback to Yelawolf’s “Down”), but now he’s serving tunes that help dance away the gloomies. If ever there was a ‘happy’ breakup song, this is it. The Brooklyn-based electronic artist is “channeling strong J DILLA and KAYTRANADA vibes on this record”, says Magnetic Magazine. “He bridges funky, soulful production, jazzy flourishes and quick vocal samples that flutter the top.”

“I found a public domain sample and had nooo idea what to do with it, until I chopped it into a hundred pieces. The “never seen a” clip is from a completely different part of the song from “broken heart”, but I knew once I put them together, it would be the theme I could build everything else around. I wanted to go for this feel of, like “f**k a broken heart, I’m still living my best life”. Some music is cool that way, it helps you get past negativity.”
- Conrad Clifton


  1. Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)



Catalog No. INF010

Released March 22, 2019

Mixed & Mastered by Conrad Clifton

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