Akinyemi & Conrad Clifton - Arose

Akinyemi & Conrad Clifton - Arose


Queens rapper Akinyemi and electronic artist Conrad Clifton band together, bringing the aggression that is "Arose," an underdog anthem that speaks of rising from the worst of your situations despite the setbacks that occur.

With a name meaning "fated to be a warrior" in Yoruba, Akinyemi approached this record with full armor as Conrad compliments with a modern rap feel and added unique elements such as cinematic percussion fills and claps, calling it "a meticulous level of balance, both musically and vocally, that just feels good as sh*t."

The music of "Arose" has a life of it's own, reshaping itself throughout - guiding you on a journey in a way that’s unique to Conrad. But, Akinyemi's delivery and lyrical content elevate it to a moment that's not only felt, but experienced - going from rapid flows to harmonies, and different vocal textures.


  1. Arose

  2. Arose (Instrumental)



Catalog No. INF007

Released July 13, 2018

Mastered by Lionel Elsound

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